Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The First Post

Here it is, the first post! We are really glad to open this up to the world to share and contribute.

Let's introduce ourselves... We are a couple living near Aveiro, Portugal. We're in love with each other, and with interiors, everything related with our habitat and routines. Namely our home interiors, commercial interiors, urbanscapes, landscapes, the objects we interact with everyday, and all things related. We believe that a cleverly considered design will contaminate our lives in a more positive way.

So we will do our best to find what we consider to be the best examples around the webglobe. Dissect some important issues about them. And with all this, we hope you'll find enough valuable information that you can use in your own way, in your own life.

So we called our blog Beautiful Object. It just happened! We just love beautiful objects! And it also happens to be a beautiful music from Glass Candy, a band we love! We'll leave you with that too...

Welcome! Get inspired!

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