Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fresh Wood - Mikiya Kobayashi

line 2.5P Sofa
This blog loves young designers blood. Specially when it's notoriously splattered all over beautiful objects like these well balanced, rigorously detailed, and aesthetically competent pieces of furniture.

line 1P Sofa
Mikiya Kobayashi has officially started his design office, a couple of months ago, but he's been moving around his field of work since 2006. Which he now compiles with an impressive portfolio with a generous amount of beautiful furniture, which unfortunately, are still a bit unaccessible, unless you understand japanese. About that, we can only post it, and hope he gets noticed around this side... Enjoy more furniture porn after the jump!

line 2.5P Sofa

All photography by Yosuke Owashi.

Lacus, detail


nt-1 dining table with the nc-1 chairs

Brio chair

Brio chair, detail

ns-1 sofa collection with nt-1 table

ns-1 sofa

ns-1 sofa, detail

Be drawers

Be drawers, detail

hc-1 chairs


  1. I like to buy the sofa "line 2.5P", but cannot find any place to ask about it.
    help me, please Marja Simola, Finland

  2. Hi! I think it is very difficult to get it to europe (i'm guessing you're finnish)... But try their contacts in the website: http://www.319.jp/rstudio/comodo/catalog.php
    You can even make a test with colors here: http://www.319.jp/rstudio/comodo/syo_line_25p.php
    Good luck!