Monday, September 17, 2012

Swedish Mint&Cream

As long as Petra Bindel keeps on supplying us with beautiful pictures like these, we'll keep sucking them! The inspirational level here is overwhelming, and it's only for good reasons. This is the home of Emma Lagerberg, swedish stylist.

Every room is impeccable with every detail accurately boxed in the photo. But the star here is the kitchen, and the crime weapon is a light mint green. No doubt it's an old and risky colour, but it's also a sure bet, being all squared inside the white background - nordic's best friend. It sure is strong, unusual, but it manages to be contained and a natural calming power. In the end it's all well balanced, perfectly blended with that slash of irreverence and youth. Don't loose the rest after the jump, it's mind-blowing!

Photography/Via Petra Bindel.

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