Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Ultimate Shack

A couple of posts ago, we went inside the house of the stylist Susanna Vento. Today we suggest a visit to one of the most famous houses around the web. The dwelling of the, also stylist, now swedish, Marie Olsson Nylander. Mainly because we spot an important similarity we must share. They both are layered upon a white canvas, and take great advantage of it, playing with contrast. An important rule to give your interiors some hierarchy and clarity in the details.

Susanna went into a more surgical approach with colour, while Marie tossed in pure contaminations of worn woods together with some kind of asian-inspired fabrics. You could spot some more influences in other details, which could classify it as an eclectic home. But pay particular attention to the contrast play, along these images, it's masterful.

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