Friday, September 28, 2012

Floor With Flair

Last stop of the week: Spain. We love the style on this renovated house in El Ensanche, Barcelona. The floor is kicking hard! While it manages to put everything together and cohesive between the divisions, it also boosts the interior attitude and makes a bold statement, apart from the rest of the decor.

A real smart choice by the studio Egue y Seta, it makes the strong turquoise much less cliché. And we like how they contaminated the rest of the house with that colour, together with some much more greener tones. We would love to get the oportunity to see that green closet... It's so glossy! A glossy weekend to you too!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Welcome to Nordhemsgatan 43

Quick! Grab the keys to this flat in Gothenburg! They're the best 48 m2 you'll get in this gorgeous neighborhood. And it's already awesome as it is.

Despite having a great interior flair and personality, it is spacious enough for expression and to advance with something up close and personal, like using colour. We wouldn't change it! Living in a city like this one, there are good margins for a good home decor. To wander around and collect the local experience, one piece at a time. These are rare oportunities. If you have what it takes to grab it, then click here, god damn it!

Don't be shy! Leave your impressions about this home, and don't miss the street views after the jump - just wonderful.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Perspectives — Muuto

You need to get this, another nordic essential, Muuto (which means "new perspective" in finnish). Put in a blender with Petra Bindel and the studio All the way to Paris, and you get this wonderful inspirational cocktail.

You see, it's all clear, these are the pieces you need. All that characteristic nordic design is naked and polished to perfection. Washed out primaries. The softened wood tones, with clear patterns. That classical style imbued in a minimalist soup. If you're into nordic adventures, it's a lesson of furniture design (and styling) all the way to the bottom. Do take notes!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Indoor Rainbow with Magnus Anesund

Nordsjö / Elle Interiör

We present you a rainbow. We want you to get home, relax, and direct your browser to beautiful object blog. Oh... You're already here...

Elle Interiör

This collection is part of the portfolio of the swedish photographer Magnus Anesund. And if you're into photography, you'll agree the lighting detail is absolutely impeccable. But the most important element here is colour, it's king and it reigns. Sometimes you absolutely have to take advantage of your favourite colour. Even if the majority of the elements are not the same Pantone, RAL or exactly the same hue, force them to play with each other. Make it the new white. Trust us, you won't be tired of your favourite colour!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Fuck-yeah-pink! Right next to Barcelona, old and new becomes one cozy dwelling for a young couple and respective sprouts. All that the architects had to do was to add a second floor, and the road was paved for a well-paced interior goodness.

Contrast wins in every perspective, mainly between the slices of old and new textures. And this is the key for a more interesting house, one that needs to be fresh and open to updates. As you'll browse, you'll notice how such pink freaks the owners are, and maybe it's just because it makes it all more fun and pleasurable for life. Have a pink weekend!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cozy Nutshell in Umeå

We could not resist... Size doesn't match beauty of it. Again, located in Sweden, you crazy people. That green window brow is absolutely wonderful, plays well with the yellow pillows and the wooden furniture. Well, the photos were blessed by the light. But remember that in small spaces it is of upmost importance not block natural light!

Do you want it? Get it here! More images and the house plan, after the jump. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big Brass Band

It's a, super cohesive and super tuned, big band melody leaded by the Workstead maestros: Stephanie, Robert and Ryan. They tend to lean towards lighting nerd affairs in their curriculum (they also designed the fixtures for the Whyte Hotel, featured here), but in this case they were recruited for an almost total design of this dwelling spaces.

This band has a brass section, a wood section and a percussive section with lots of custom made cabinetry. In theory the tones could had been too boring, but we can easily see that they are love mates. Plain gold and wood tones are worth it in ANY white-ish scenario. Also, the cabinetry is so cool. Watch and drool!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Warm Modernism in Borrego Springs

This is the side of Modernism we like. It's placed in the Anza-Borrego desert, and framed in the well-inspired wall design by Maurie McKenzie, in some sort of discoloured Barragán.

The colours are all rightly interwoven, between coral green and a vivacious tangerine. The patterns borrow a classy vintage look to the indoors, alongside with the most faithful wood tones and classy ceramic patterns. The decor is spot on, and it might as well be rare to find them these days... Enjoy the pics!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Swedish Mint&Cream

As long as Petra Bindel keeps on supplying us with beautiful pictures like these, we'll keep sucking them! The inspirational level here is overwhelming, and it's only for good reasons. This is the home of Emma Lagerberg, swedish stylist.

Every room is impeccable with every detail accurately boxed in the photo. But the star here is the kitchen, and the crime weapon is a light mint green. No doubt it's an old and risky colour, but it's also a sure bet, being all squared inside the white background - nordic's best friend. It sure is strong, unusual, but it manages to be contained and a natural calming power. In the end it's all well balanced, perfectly blended with that slash of irreverence and youth. Don't loose the rest after the jump, it's mind-blowing!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Stick to the wall!

Pick up a trip, a flyer, your niece's drawing, each and every random photo taken with the phone... Or a scan... Of your bones... Hang them to the walls! No naked houses allowed. Splat some fun in your life, and have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thy Whyte Hotel, in Williamsburg

This one is hipster certified. You can bring the band in for a tour break. Damn, bring a brass band! Interiors are all genuinely reclaimed. The furniture, all locally produced. Surround-sound controllable by iPhone. That Dan Funderburgh wallpaper! And of course, seasonal minibar!

No joke. We love that spice of modernism all over the recovered look of 20s, 30-something. I mean, the hotel is perfectly conceived to enjoy the NY experience, the best view of Manhattan, and a pleasurable time in Brooklyn. Almost forgot, there's no room service... We're all bros, dude. Go get it yourself! Now, bring that sixpack!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Flemish Art-Chic Loft

This is the loft of the couple Delphine Bekaert and Jan Hoet Junior, the duo behind the IETS. They're dedicated to a kind of artsy interior design, and that shows here. I mean, this Ghent home, manages to still be sincere, while well-curated.

Lots of good reclaimed furniture, other interesting industrial designs, some cheap ironmongery, and alongside with beautiful art on the walls. Every piece is a good surprise and at the same time we never left their home, nor we did left the art gallery.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fresh Wood - Mikiya Kobayashi

line 2.5P Sofa
This blog loves young designers blood. Specially when it's notoriously splattered all over beautiful objects like these well balanced, rigorously detailed, and aesthetically competent pieces of furniture.

line 1P Sofa
Mikiya Kobayashi has officially started his design office, a couple of months ago, but he's been moving around his field of work since 2006. Which he now compiles with an impressive portfolio with a generous amount of beautiful furniture, which unfortunately, are still a bit unaccessible, unless you understand japanese. About that, we can only post it, and hope he gets noticed around this side... Enjoy more furniture porn after the jump!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Quiescent Fluorescent

A nice architecture inhabited by Silje Aune Eriksen, a ceramist from Norway. The interior layout is nicely underlined with all that structural wood, and you got to love those window frames - absolutely gorgeous. A truly enviable space.

In love with every detail of this. Oh, those window frames...

The colour palette is beautifully balanced between warm and neutral tones, and that harsh pink fits in the combo perfectly. It's like some kind of indoor jewelry, popping out, and highlighting every view from the scenery. Also, all those layers of ceramic tones borrows an earthy, and very cozy, light to the space.

Friday, September 7, 2012

GT House - Grand Touring in Brazil

Hailing from Londrina, Brazil, is the young gun Guilherme Torres and his house. Overall, the winner is concrete, working as a couch or even as a dining table. It would work just as well to throw at will some pillows or books, to really assign those functions. And every technical debris is out there, without prejudice or shames, in a tottaly rad fashion. Just working the interiors by the ways of the construction.

Amidst all this rawness, the cold and the rational, a sensible decor unclasps with even more of the nice details. Gather them all in the pics after the jump.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Ultimate Shack

A couple of posts ago, we went inside the house of the stylist Susanna Vento. Today we suggest a visit to one of the most famous houses around the web. The dwelling of the, also stylist, now swedish, Marie Olsson Nylander. Mainly because we spot an important similarity we must share. They both are layered upon a white canvas, and take great advantage of it, playing with contrast. An important rule to give your interiors some hierarchy and clarity in the details.

Susanna went into a more surgical approach with colour, while Marie tossed in pure contaminations of worn woods together with some kind of asian-inspired fabrics. You could spot some more influences in other details, which could classify it as an eclectic home. But pay particular attention to the contrast play, along these images, it's masterful.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Superclassy Items!

Make sure to catch up with the latest work of David Taylor, if you haven't already. He's an internationally awarded scottish designer/sculptor residing in Stockholm, Sweden.

One could easily guess that hidden swedish something, that in fact might come from that traditionally contained, softened rawness. And those solids worked à la Sottsass, painted here and there with almost pure colours. We specially admire the metal details, they're such a joy to the eyes!... These objects can easily make a noble statement in any house.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vento box with lots of nutritive decor

Oh, it's just Susanna Vento's own box... We're are just introducing her here in Beautiful Object, because she has too much beautiful work!

So it's her house, obviously nordic, via Helsinki. Graphic, relaxed and cheery all over the place. With the necessary colour economy, built up layer by layer. Her website can prove her lightweight compositions and her style is very impressive. Easy for the eyes, elegantly informal and laid-back. She's extremely sensible with domestic landscaping which, more than completely, justifies her reputation.

Better see for yourself, just scroll around. Pics are taken by the wonderful photographer Petra Bindel, for Dwell. Two huge talents for the price of just one post. GRRRL POWER!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Design Hotels - High Life in Mexico

We can tell you what to expect from a Design Hotel. We expect it to amplify the traveling experience, even if amidst a business trip. We want it to cocoon the soul. To regenerate our ability to absorb the surrounding culture, and extract more of it.

This Distrito Capital Hotel, in Mexico City, is a design potpourri from the best. One solid escape into modernism, and, irony of ironies, it is sadly unreachable by any kind... Still, it's undeniably inspiring and a fine example. So, what else would you expect from a Design Hotel?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Walk in the park - Provence

Le Mas des Isords is this beautiful 18th century farmhouse turned into residence by Gerard Faivre. These gardens are incredible! One can feel the fresh air just by looking at the pictures.

The interiors are also very beautiful with nice colours and great spaces with character. Maybe there's too much coffee tables for our tastes, but the pieces are great and you can even spot some design classics. More pictures of the beautiful garden after the jump!