Wednesday, October 17, 2012

L'amour (Fusion) à Paris

This marriage is amazing. Apart from the undoubtedly/possibly cute/devilish 7 year old daughter, it's a fusion between contemporary art, him, and antique collectionism, her. As you can see, it went a great deal more than plain simple horrid. Just beautifully inspiring!

Allow this reminder about lighting, use colour to light up your house. You might as well get coloured lamps, but you won't even get near the greatness. With light and paint, contamination is reciprocal and you'll notice a more enriched outcome: the surfacing becomes gradiented, and the reflections will gracefully hit the adjacent rooms. Results may vary, but thats the beauty of it — get used to this!

Get that last picture, after the jump. THE best way to integrate art in your decor.

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