Monday, October 1, 2012

Playtime with the Gartmyrs

This dwelling is another good example of how far you can reach with colour and pattern combinations, having a good base layer to play with. Of course, you can further push this combinational notion by picking other base colours, if you find the white colour a bit too clinical.

See more examples in this post to get the plenitude of this concept.

In the Gartmyr house, you get the full gamut of colour, and a vast catalogue of patterns. All nicely packed up and carefully framed in every division. You'll also notice how kid-friendly and dreamy it is, like a blank sheet of paper, ready to be scratched (hide the crayons, honey!). It is really inspiring to see how the details appear along the house, so get them all after the jump.

Photography by Lisa Wikstrand. Via AprillAprill.

Dux radio cleverly reformed into an iPhone dock.

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